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An Ingrained Desire to Serve

For Grace Pulis, serving at the Well had always been ordinary. Grace’s father, Joel Pulis, founded the Well Community in 2002, and she was born not long after. Her early memories are filled with Well Community members and with seeing her family interact with people in the Oak Cliff community who were dealing with serious mental illnesses. Grace clearly recalls her parents driving “daddy’s friends” […]

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A Well World: Crisis Care Access for All

A Well World: Crisis Care Access for All The Well has never served its members in a vacuum. Since our beginnings two decades ago, we’ve been grateful to be able not only to offer a place to belong for individuals dealing with serious mental illnesses but to point them to other resources and services that can help them pursue mental health stability. I’m excited that […]

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Taking Every Opportunity to Serve at Jacob’s House

The weekly meals Caitlin Miles has prepared for Jacob’s House aren’t just about food-they’re about community. “It’s about sharing our common humanity and vulnerability,” she explains. At the beginning of the pandemic, Caitlin’s parents, Suzan and Phil Sprinkle, began focusing their volunteer efforts on serving the men of Jacob’s House, the Well Community’s boarding home for men. Caitlin, who was part of their quarantine bubble, […]

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Jacob’s House: A Place of Stability

Stability is a primary goal for the Well and our members, and Jacob’s House is our primary example of how that can happen. Founded in 2007 to address the serious shortage of affordable, safe housing for men living with mental health conditions, it has been home to several dozen men over the years. In the past few years, there has been little turnover, offering the […]

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June 2022 A Well World: Conduit of God’s Love 

Conduit of God’s Love When the Well Community was founded 20 years ago, it came out of a church outreach to the southern Oak Cliff area. Joel Pulis, his family and his friends at Cliff Temple Baptist Church saw the crying needs of those in their neighborhood living with chronic and severe mental illnesses. They believed that each of these adults was loved by God […]

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Offering Spiritual Support: Conveying God’s Love Through Personal Connection

Since the Well Community was founded 20 years ago, it has been unique in that it has offered not only practical resources but spiritual support for individuals whose lives have been altered by serious mental health conditions. Begun by Joel Pulis, his family and some members of Cliff Temple Baptist Church, the Well has, from the beginning, been a community where members seek to strengthen […]

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Five Ways to Offer Spiritual Support

Strong faith can play a powerful role in mental health. This is often particularly true for those living with serious mental illnesses; however, the daily challenges of these conditions often make it especially difficult to cultivate a vibrant spiritual life. Many of these same challenges can also prevent individuals from seeking support to help them build their faith as they pursue stability. That’s why providing […]

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A Well World: It Takes a Community

It Takes a Community Amid Mental Health Awareness Month and as a part of our 20th birthday celebration, we recently took time to honor folks who have, over the years, played an important role in the formation, foundation and functioning of the Well Community. We have all heard the phrase, “It takes a village.” Well, here we say, “It takes a community—a wide community—to make […]

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Celebrating Two Faithful Partners

From the beginning, the Well has been a community, not only of our members but of individuals and organizations who come alongside those in the Dallas area who live with the daily struggles of serious mental illnesses. On May 13, at a luncheon for major donors celebrating the Well Community’s 20th birthday, two of these partners were recognized for their dedication and positive impact.

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Life-Altering: Five Things to Know About the Impact of Serious Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses are a diverse group of conditions that affect the brain—and in turn, the rest of the body—in numerous and varied ways. Just as diseases of other types differ in severity and in the ways in which they affect a person, mental health disorders have varying degrees and shades of impact. For some, mental health challenges are manageable through therapy and healthy habits such […]

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