Benchmarks of Success for the Outreach Program

 Outreach Coordinator Mary Benton shares some benchmarks of success she’s seen over the first few months of the Outreach Program.

Mary and worker from the Stewpot

In today’s society, we are often driven by benchmarks or goals in our places of work. Benchmarks signify raises, promotions, title changes, etc. Benchmarks feel to many like signs of worth. In the corporate world, these milestones look like significant increases in productivity or meeting a new sales goal. These hefty standards drive the workforce. But in the nonprofit world, and especially at The Well Community, we measure success a little differently.

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Meeting Neighbors Where They Are

Anita Green refers to them as “neighbors.” It’s a term she uses to let those experiencing homelessness know that they’re still part of the community. “It takes a lot of the stigma away,” she explains.

This attitude—one of seeing individuals on the street as members of the community—is central to her work as Outreach Manager at The Well. Her critical role in the Outreach Program, a new initiative that kicked off in June, enables The Well Community to connect with people who are experiencing homelessness. In this position, she seeks to build relationships with homeless neighbors and serve them compassionately as she offers food, referrals to local services and assistance in accessing mental health care. Continue reading