The Well Community provides a place to belong for those who struggle with mental illnesses and are thirsty for acceptance, support and meaningful relationships. The Well offers hope and healing through best-practice interventions, friendships and the power of faith.

Founded in 2002, “The Well” is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While it started as a simple, church outreach to a handful of people, The Well has grown into a flourishing, significant ministry among adults recovering from serious mental illnesses. The Well’s philosophy of care, relational interventions and holistic rehabilitation combine to make a significant impact upon those we are called to serve.

Latest Posts

  • Ready to Care: Resources to Help Churches Minister to those Struggling With Mental Illnesses - Faith communities are often the first places individuals and families turn to when faced with the challenges of mental illness, especially during a crisis. Churches have unique opportunities to minister, not only in times of acute struggle, but in the daily hurdles as well. A 2018 LifeWay Research study found most pastors, family members and […]
  • A Well World: Looking Back - Most of the time, I’m a “looking forward” type of person. So it takes a bit of work for me to stop and look back. But every year we develop our annual report and that gives me a great reason to pause and remember. We just released the 2018 Annual Report. Our theme is “Stigma-Free […]
  • Where Fear is Replaced by Understanding - Well Community members know what it’s like to be defined by their illnesses. They’re familiar with feeling unwanted, judged and unworthy of others’ respect because they live with conditions that impact their minds. In short, they know stigma well.