Those who struggle with mental illnesses are thirsty for acceptance, support and meaningful relationships. Offering hope and healing through best-practice interventions, friendships and the power of faith, The Well Community provides a place to belong.

Founded in 2002, “The Well” is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While it started as a simple, church outreach to a handful of people, The Well has grown into a flourishing, significant ministry among adults recovering from serious mental illnesses. The Well’s philosophy of care, relational interventions and holistic rehabilitation combine to make a significant impact upon those we are called to serve.

Latest Posts

  • Best Three Hours - “It is the best three hours of my week,” says James Barclay, who, after 34 years with the Dallas Police Department, found a different way to serve the Oak Cliff community in his retirement. James helps with lunches for members of The Well Community every Tuesday. Each week he stands at the door and shakes […]
  • Four Everyday Steps That Fight Anxiety - According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, anxiety disorders (which include conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and phobias) are the most common mental health problems. In addition, anxiety is a common symptom of many other mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder and PTSD. Nearly everyone with a serious mental […]
  • A Well World: Love Your Neighbor - May is Mental Health Awareness month. It’s a time when those of us in the mental health field try to bring attention to the challenges faced by others who, not just for a month a year but every day of their lives, are constantly aware of the devastating toll mental illnesses extract from them.