“People soon become thirsty again after drinking water. But the water I give takes away thirst altogether. It becomes a well of water within, giving life.” – Jesus (from the Gospel of John)

Those who struggle with mental illnesses are thirsty for acceptance, support and meaningful relationships. Offering hope and healing through best-practice interventions, friendships and the power of faith, The Well Community provides a place to belong. Founded in 2002, “The Well” is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While it started as a simple, church outreach to a handful of people, The Well has grown into a flourishing, significant ministry among adults recovering from serious mental illnesses. The Well’s philosophy of care, relational interventions and holistic rehabilitation combine to make a significant impact upon those we are called to serve.

Latest Posts

  • Five Tips for Opening Your Church Doors - The Well is not the only safe place where people with mental health difficulties can participate. What about your church? How can members of your congregation widen their hearts and swing open the sanctuary doors to welcome those who are outcasts to others?
  •  The Right Questions - An area of spiritual blindness in our Christian community is how we view those dealing with mental illnesses. Our assumptions are often based on ignorance and stigma, and our wrong questions reveal our lack of understaning.
  • What Jesus Would Do - Six years ago, Brent McDougal was looking for a job as a pastor when he heard about Cliff Temple Baptist Church’s association with a nonprofit in Oak Cliff that serves those who struggle with mental illnesses. Intrigued, McDougal began learning more about Cliff Temple’s relationship with The Well Community, discovering that not only does the […]