Spiritual Retreats

A Retreat of Faith and Rest

For many Well Community members, faith provides a place of refuge and strength in the midst of the chaos of mental illness. But, as is the case for most who struggle with serious mental health challenges, getting away to rest and cultivate their faith is a luxury that’s out of reach. The Well Community’s twice-annual overnight spiritual retreats enable them to escape the noise of the city and provide time to reflect and regroup.

These two days away are not only enjoyable, but play an important role in helping members find renewed energy and stability that enables them to better manage mental health issues. “Faith and rest are keys to good mental health,” explains Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director of The Well Community. “Through spiritual retreats and opportunities for belonging, members are better able to cope with the challenges of mental illness.”

We appreciate volunteers who will lead art projects, worship music, games and other activities.

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