Volunteer: Thursday Night Life

Instructions for Thursday Night Life Volunteers

We so appreciate having volunteer groups serve at the Well Community on Thursday evenings. Here’s the basic information. If you have additional questions please call or email us.


The Well Community meets in Oak Cliff at Cliff Temple Baptist Church, 125, Sunset Ave, Dallas. Thursday Night Life entrance is on the back of the building, on 10th Street. Use the entrance in the middle of the building, under the covered drive way. Parking is available directly across the street.


  • Worship begins at 5:30 p.m. Join us!
  • Food is served at 6:30 p.m. So your arrival time depends on how much cooking/heating/prep time you need before hand.
  • Serving the food is completed by 7:00 or before.
  • Many times volunteers stay and help clean up; they usually finish before 8:00 p.m.


How many people will be fed?  We usually plan for 50.  If there are fewer people and it is not all eaten, we will use for lunch Monday.

How many people should come help? You’ll want to have at least three helpers, but bring as many as you want!

Suggested menus? We love the variety of meals our volunteer groups bring. Best are ones that are nutritious and filling. For many of our members, this is the only meal they have that day. Any meals to avoid? Pizza.

Estimated expense?  The cost varies on your menu, and if you add paper products. Some groups spend around $100. Others spend as much as $500.

Drinks? Paper products?  We have both, but some volunteers choose to bring the items so we can use ours for our Monday-Wednesday lunches.

Kitchen options (cook? warm up?) The industrial kitchen can be used to cook or warm food.


We are happy to have a clergy member or layperson share the evening message. If they are available, please let us know. The message is usually 15-20 minutes and is given about 6:00 during the service. Please arrive by 5:15.


If there are people in your group able to lead the 20 minutes of music, please let us know. Plan to arrive by 5:00 to set up. We do have sound equipment, but lack equipment to project words. However, you can send the words and we’ll print them out. Please email the Word document file before Thursday evening to [email protected]

Special Messages

When we are not able to meet together,  local clergy and lay people share, via video, messages from the Bible to offer hope and encouragement. Scroll below and click links to videos.

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