Ways To Volunteer

Volunteers are vital to the work of The Well! Each year over 200 volunteers give countless hours of their time to serve, and without their help The Well Community wouldn’t be able to continue to provide a place to belong for those in the Dallas area who live with life-altering mental illnesses. Our volunteers make The Well a supportive community for our members not only through their tangible, measurable assistance—which they offer so generously—but through their compassion and friendship.

There are many ways to lend a hand, and one of them is sure to be a good fit for you. Have you considered how you could become one of the many who help make stability possible for members of The Well?

Lead or Teach at the Community Life Center

Meaningful use of time can play an important role in the pursuit of mental health stability. But, individuals living with mental health challenges often have few opportunities to engage in productive and purposeful activities. By leading a craft, game or song time at the Community Life Center, or by teaching a skill—for example, money management, personal health or computer skills—you can help members learn, connect with one another and find respite from the daily stressors of dealing with mental health challenges.

Assist the Outreach Team

Work alongside our outreach staff as they meet with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness in Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and South Dallas! Help us 1) identify homeless people in the community and at encampments in the southern sector of Dallas; 2) build relationships with our homeless neighbors and 3) offer compassion, water, snacks and referrals to local services. For those who indicate a mental health condition, we also invite them to The Well and assist them in accessing mental health clinics in the area.  For dates and details, contact Outreach Coordinator, Mary Elaine Benton. Phone 945-444-6715  Email outreachcoordinator@wellcommunity.org

Share a Song or Message

Many of those dealing with serious mental illnesses struggle to find an accepting place to worship God with others. But at The Well’s Thursday Night Life service, members sing and pray together and receive encouragement from a message from the Bible. Volunteers from numerous local churches and community groups help make this weekly gathering possible, and we’re always looking for individuals and groups willing to give a short sermon or lead worship through song.

Serve a Meal

Regular, nutritious meals are an important part of both physical and mental well-being, but for many dealing with mental illnesses and poverty, healthy food is hard to come by. The lunches at the Community Life Center and dinners at Thursday Night Life that our members enjoy are often the only hot meals they eat all week. By preparing and serving one of these meals, you meet a basic need in members’ lives, as well as have opportunities to build friendships and demonstrate that people in their community care about them. Mobilize your church, social group or friends to have a fun time of service to others. To sign up to provide and serve

Help With a Spiritual Retreat

Twice a year Well Community members escape the city for an overnight spiritual retreat, a time when they can relax, cultivate their faith and enjoy healthy meals and fun activities. These retreats are often the only opportunity members have to get away to regroup and rest. Your assistance with snacks, song times, crafts or devotions can help provide spiritual refreshment and renewed strength.

Provide Friday Outreach Lunches

Serve with our Outreach team to offer nutritious to-go lunches for members and homeless neighbors on Fridays. Gather some friends and make about 20 sack meals to drop off on Fridays at The Well, or join the staff on Friday morning to help put the bags together. For dates and details, contact Outreach Coordinator, Mary Elaine Benton. Phone 945-444-6715  Email outreachcoordinator@wellcommunity.org

Pitch in at a Party

Members look forward to all year to the holiday parties held at The Well Community, and these events are only possible with the help of many volunteers. Individuals, families, churches and other groups lend a hand by providing and serving food, decorating, leading fun activities, filling goodie bags and more—all of which make these parties truly special for members. Your help can make a holiday festive for those who often have few opportunities to celebrate.

Lend a Hand With a Fundraiser

Fundraisers—from big events like Starry Night and the WellSpring Celebration Luncheon to smaller gatherings throughout the year—provide a significant portion of the funds The Well needs to serve those living with serious mental illnesses. Many volunteers give their time and talents at all stages of preparing for and holding these events, and your assistance in planning or hosting can help make them a success—not to mention a lot of fun.

Become an Advocate

Help others learn about The Well Community by following/liking us and sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact us to schedule a presentation in your church or community group. Share about The Well by inviting your friends to come serve with you at The Well Community.


The Well is always looking for volunteers, and we’d love to talk with you about how you could use your talents to lend a hand. Contact us to learn more.


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