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A Well World: Basics That Affirm Dignity

At the core of our work to support those living with serious mental illnesses is the belief that every person has inherent worth. We affirm that each individual, regardless of their struggles and situation, has been made in the image of God and is deserving of respect. The preamble to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “recognition of the inherent dignity […]

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Cerena Fain: Offering Her Heart Through Faithful Service

After Cerena Fain moved to Dallas seven years ago, she knew she wanted to volunteer. “I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for people who are underserved, those that don’t eat every day or always have a place to lay their heads and feel safe,” she shares. “I have been so abundantly blessed that I want everybody to have that.” So, Cerena asked […]

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A Hub That Supports Wellbeing

Providing essentials such as toiletries and clothing has long been part of the Well Community’s work to help individuals living with serious mental illnesses pursue stability. But for the past three years, since the Well opened its Resource Center, it has been able to meet members’ basic physical needs in a more organized and consistent way.

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A Well World: Developing Empathy for True Awareness

The facts and figures about mental illness are relatively easy to find, especially during May, Mental Health Awareness Month. This increased knowledge plays an important role in fighting stigma, and I’m grateful that in recent years, our society has been talking more openly about the signs and symptoms, as well as the reality that one in five people experience mental illness each year. However, true […]

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Well Community Members Share: What We Wish Others Knew About Mental Illness

Much is written about mental illnesses during May, Mental Health Awareness Month. Learning about these conditions is one important part of gaining awareness, but it’s not the only part. Another vital piece of awareness is listening to people who live with mental health struggles and learning about their experiences with these illnesses. So, we asked several Well Community members what they wish others knew about […]

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The Truth About Five Common Mental Illness Myths

Although mental illnesses are very common, impacting one in five people each year, they’re still misunderstood in many ways. Numerous myths about these diseases persist, and these misconceptions hurt those who live with these conditions and can prevent them from seeking treatment. But the truth that counters these false perceptions is a powerful force against stigma. Here are the facts about five common mental illness […]

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A Well World: Symbols of Our Gratitude

The Well Community couldn’t exist without the support of others who see the needs of people living with serious mental illness and invest their time, resources and heart to meet these needs with consistency and compassion. That’s why, from time to time, the Well honors individuals and organizations that have made a difference in the lives of our members and in the issue of mental […]

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Fun and Refreshment at Our 2024 Spring Spiritual Retreat

We’re so grateful to all who donated toward retreat scholarships for our members. Together you gave $8,675! Thanks to you, our members just enjoyed an overnight getaway filled with fun activities, including crafts, a hayride and and bonfire, as well as good food and opportunities for spiritual renewal. Check out the photos below for glimpses of our 2024 spring spiritual retreat.

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Volunteering at the Well: It’s a Blast

It only took one visit and 17-year-old Cyler Deisler was sold. “My mom told me about it, and she got me to go the first time and I really enjoyed it. And we ended up going back and we kept going. I’ve always thought it was a blast.” “It” was helping out at the Well Community’s Thursday Night Life dinner, and his mom, Rebecca Puchkors, […]

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A Well World: A Wider Community of Spiritual Blessing

Serious mental illnesses inflict many losses. These diseases can strip those who suffer from them of hopes, strain relationships and place giant roadblocks in front of opportunities. And among these losses is one that’s especially deep and rarely seen: the loss of spiritual community. As the only faith-based nonprofit in the Dallas area that exclusively serves those living with serious mental health conditions, the Well […]

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