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Celebrating Two Faithful Partners

From the beginning, the Well has been a community, not only of our members but of individuals and organizations who come alongside those in the Dallas area who live with the daily struggles of serious mental illnesses. On May 13, at a luncheon for major donors celebrating the Well Community’s 20th birthday, two of these partners were recognized for their dedication and positive impact.

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Life-Altering: Five Things to Know About the Impact of Serious Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses are a diverse group of conditions that affect the brain—and in turn, the rest of the body—in numerous and varied ways. Just as diseases of other types differ in severity and in the ways in which they affect a person, mental health disorders have varying degrees and shades of impact. For some, mental health challenges are manageable through therapy and healthy habits such […]

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A Well World: The Blessing of Friendship

I have been blessed to have had dear friends all my life. You know, the kind of friends who are there to celebrate the victories and there to share the tears. I’m not exactly sure how I would have survived the ups and downs of life without them. It’s amazing to me how we can continue to maintain friendships over the years, but also add […]

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Every Day is Thanksgiving

“Every day at the Well is Thanksgiving Day,” Joel Pulis reminded members at the Thursday Night Life dinner and worship service. In his message, based on the Bible passages John 13:1-15; 34-35, Joel pointed out how Jesus is the one who serves his disciples by washing the dirty places of their lives. He is the example of how to care for others. “The reason the […]

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Serving Since the Beginning: The Lasting Impact of Volunteering as a Family

In January 2002, four couples began meeting in the Cliff Temple Baptist parking lot, praying for a new way to serve. Along with Joel and Laura Pulis were Scott and Kristi Coleman. The Colemans had been involved in numerous ministries over the years: Scott had served as a pastor in South America, and the couple had a house church in their home for a decade. […]

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A Well World: Truly Cared For

Over the years I have had many opportunities to interact with families of Well members. Some stay in close contact with their loved ones, making sure they have housing and keep up with doctors’ appointments. Others live far away but call me from time to time to check on how things are going for their mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter. The most recent […]

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Bearing the Weight of Caregiving: Six Insights

Family members who care for individuals living with mental illness shoulder a massive load. While numerous studies have shed light on the ways these family caregivers go above and beyond, it’s through listening to their stories that we truly understand the weight they bear. The Burden of Sympathy by David A. Karp provides an opportunity to do just that. Published in 2002 (the same year […]

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The Beginnings of the Well Community

The Well Community is celebrating its 20th year of service to our neighbors who live with chronic and major mental health conditions. In this video, Founder Joel Pulis shares about the beginnings of the Well.

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A Well World: Disgrace, Shame, Stain, Reproach

I have a friend who constantly forces me to “unpack” the meaning of words I use. She says we get so used to speaking in jargon or catch-words that we don’t stop and consider the depth of their meanings. She calls me out when I talk about “impact,” for example, or “support.” Her challenge to me is to dig deeper into the richness of such […]

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A Matter of Justice: Why Mental Health is Everyone’s Issue

Mental health is often viewed as something that impacts individuals. But mental illnesses and the stigma surrounding them don’t exist in a vacuum. Numerous societal factors color the experience of those living with mental health challenges, and disparities beyond an individual’s control can determine their ability to pursue stability. Issues such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, inadequate access to health care and racial discrimination […]

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