How Stigma Hurts Everyone

In recent years, our culture has become more aware of the harm that stigma inflicts on those living with mental illness. Negative attitudes, discrimination and prejudice again those dealing with mental health challenges can not only be hurtful, but can prevent these individuals from seeking help as well as from securing jobs, finding housing and forming relationships. However, this stigma touches far more than merely the individuals who struggle with mental health conditions. Continue reading

Merry Christmas to Us!

Our hearts are full of gratitude for all those who helped make our Christmas “Party” very merry this year. Despite not being able to gather, our members were able to receive an abundance of food, health care items, blankets, hats, backpacks and, best of all, love, from so many volunteer groups and individuals! Our great thanks to:

  • Body Oak Cliff: They completed purchases from our Christmas Amazon Wish List to make sure every member got each item.
  • The Renegade Pigs: They prepared and served our delicious barbecue Christmas meal on Saturday, December 19, and helped fill the backpacks stuffed with essential items for each member. This motorcycle club is a nonprofit organization comprised of active and retired public safety officers.
  • Vista Church of Heartland: Volunteers helped to serve our Christmas meal and helped supply Walmart gift cards.
  • Northeast Chapter of the Texas Indo-American Physicians Society: Through this chapter, Dr. Anil Tibrewal and Dr. Amit B. Guttigoli, both with Methodist Health System, provided blankets to insure each member can be warm through the winter.
  • Women from the Kessler neighborhood came together and ordered a large portion of our Amazon gift list.
  • Patti Tallack Caperton, former intern, along with her family, knitted 100 beautiful cozy hats for members.
  • Dozens of faithful donors provided Walmart gift cards, essential items on Amazon and other expressions of support.

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Just three wishes

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Golf clubs? A spa membership? A cell phone upgrade? Favorite wine? Perhaps you are hoping for a new pair of gloves or an iTunes gift card.

At The Well Community we have just three wishes, and they all involve you!

First, we wish you would join us for our first-ever virtual event, Starry Night: Home for the Holidays, this Saturday, Dec 5, at 7 p.m. It will be so much fun, and even more so knowing you will be watching from your cozy chair. There’s no charge, just RSVP here. Our own “Mr. Rogers” will be visiting our neighbors and sharing what The Well has been doing this year. You may just see a few folks you know, and you will surely enjoy the music provided by local artists.

Second, we hope for stockings stuffed to the brim. Actually, we stuff backpacks with essential hygiene items—the kind Santa always makes sure you and your family have each year—such as toothbrushes, gloves, healthy snacks and tissues. We’ve got the whole list on Amazon, and it’s so easy to shop there. Click here to purchase items from our list. Then select The Well Community’s gift registry address when you when check out, and your order will be sent directly to us at The Well.

And last, but so very important, we wish each member will have a $50 gift card for Walmart. Why? Because freedom of choice is an expression of dignity. Being able to select what you want/need to buy is empowering and energizing. Some members use the card to buy gifts for friends or loved ones; others stock up on food or pick out a brand-new, never-been-worn-before sweater. Whatever their decision, it’s theirs. By giving toward Walmart cards, you are giving self-respect and the joy of personal choice. Just click here to donate so we can buy the cards or drop cards off to The Well office, at 125 Sunset Ave., Dallas, Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., before December 14.

After you’ve given to The Well, then you can mark this item off your own list: make Christmas truly merry for someone who would otherwise be forgotten.

A Well World: With Thanks

Although the year has brought many new challenges to members of The Well Community, the constant anchor has been the faithful support of our partners. You continue to make a difference in the lives of those who deal daily with mental illnesses.

Because of your support, during COVID-19 members of The Well Community are receiving:
• nutritious meals four days a week to
strengthen their immune systems to fight the virus
• essential hygiene items that help to combat winter illnesses
• regular mental health connections to be sure they are able to remain stable and hopeful

At Thanksgiving and always, we are so very grateful to you.

Alice and The Well Community


The best holiday party at home





As The Well’s premiere fundraising event, Starry Night, gets closer, we’d like to introduce ourselves, Brooke Moser and Kate Thacker, as the event’s Host Committee Co-Chairs.

Since The Well Community began its Starry Night events two years ago, we have spent this time of year looking forward to joining our friends for an evening of live music and good company—all for a great cause. Starry Night allows our community to gather in support of The Well Community’s critical programs serving adults in our area who live with severe mental illness.

This year, Starry Night is responding to the ongoing health crisis by putting a new spin on our favorite annual event: We’re going virtual!

You’re invited to Starry Night: Home for the Holidays on Saturday, December 5 from 7-8pm Central Time!  There is no charge, but we do need you to RSVP. A few days before we’ll send you a link to the online event.

Now, this year has been challenging for individuals and organizations alike, and The Well Community is no exception. They have adjusted their programs to the ongoing pandemic even as the need of their community increases. Through offering nutritious meals, essential hygiene items and remote case support, the work continues—even from six feet apart. While serving as Co-Chairs of the Host Committee, we’ve been lucky enough to witness the deep commitment so many have to The Well Community’s work.

Our online party will be the best “at home” party of the season! In addition to a prerecorded production featuring a few familiar faces around the neighborhood (including our families!), this event will allow us to give The Well Community critical support when they need it the most.

So, please RSVP now and we’ll see you online December 5 at 7 p.m. for Starry Night: Home for the Holidays.

P.S. Can’t make it? Why not make a donation now?  Also, we’d love for you to become a sponsor. Click here to get the scoop.

No Matter What

“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones that would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.” (source unknown)

Angel, Well member

Members of The Well Community know these thoughts to be so very true. And being at “home for the holidays” means many different things to our members. Because of stigma, homelessness and other challenges that often come with mental illnesses, some of our members have learned to develop family units with people who understand and share their lived experiences. Some do live with their family of origin, while others live with siblings or with a spouse. And as described below, some live together as members of The Well. Continue reading

Well World: Love Never Fails

October weather in North Texas is notoriously unpredictable. Some days are carryovers from September’s high 90s. Others are cool, clear and crisp. Then come the rainy days—dreary and dark.

Many members of The Well Community experience moods like October weather—ever-changing and unstable. Mood disorders are among the most common types of mental illnesses and we see them often among our members. Typically the right medications, welcoming friendships, healthy food and consistent sleep can help “reset” a person’s mood. Continue reading

Praying for Families Impacted by Mental Illness

The following is posted with permission from the Sparks of Redemptive Grace website. This prayer guide is available for purchase as a booklet or e-book.

31 days, 31 ways, 2 pray 4 families

By Catherine P. Downing

“Pray for us.” 1 Thessalonians 5:25a ESV

Families who walk alongside their loved ones in the labyrinths of mental illnesses are often hesitant to ask for prayer. They might feel others will judge them or their loved one, offer uninformed advice or initiate the gossip chain. But friends who observe or are aware of their journey don’t necessarily need specific details to pray effectively.

Families ALWAYS need God’s provision for themselves and their loved ones in these areas: Continue reading