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A Well World: Backward and Forward

As 2021 comes to an end, I want to remind you of some incredible highlights from our year and mention tremendously exciting things we look forward to in the year ahead. First, a look backward … We were able to keep Jacob’s House residents and most of our members healthy through COVID-19. Our staff was recognized by the State of Texas for their extraordinary efforts […]

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Holiday Party 2021

We were so thankful for a warm December day to be able to hold our annual Holiday Party outside. Members of The Well Community gathered to enjoy a terrific meal provided by two Sunday School classes at Cliff Temple Baptist Church and prepared by our friends at Norma’s Cafe. Participants visited with Santa, and received $50 Walmart gift cards and bags filled with healthy treats, […]

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Dual Diagnosis: A Compounding Challenge

Walter* came to The Well ready to be honest about his struggles. When he showed up for the first time, he told Well Community staff that he was coming off of methamphetamines and struggled with alcohol; he was addicted, he said, and ravenous. Walter willingly poured out his alcohol, and three Well Community staff members stayed with him as he ate two lunches and shared […]

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A Well World: We Need One Another

  No man is an island, No man stands alone, Each man’s joy is joy to me, Each man’s grief is my own We need one another. So begins Joan Baez’s adaptation of John Donne’s brief 1624 poem. The words are simple but profound, and they express a basic value of The Well Community: No one is alone. “Community” is what we do. Being connected […]

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Benchmarks of Success for the Outreach Program

Different Benchmarks of success for the Outreach Program In today’s society, we are often driven by benchmarks or goals in our places of work: visible signals of success such as raises, promotions and title changes or milestones like significant increases in productivity or meeting a new sales goal. These hefty standards drive the workforce, especially in the corporate sphere. To many, these markers feel  like […]

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Meeting Neighbors Where They Are

Anita Green refers to them as “neighbors.” It’s a term she uses to let those experiencing homelessness know that they’re still part of the community. “It takes a lot of the stigma away,” she explains. This attitude—one of seeing individuals on the street as members of the community—is central to her work as Outreach Manager at The Well. Her critical role in the Outreach Program, […]

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Six Must-Know Facts about Suicide Causes and Prevention

Suicide is often considered a taboo topic. But, the facts about it are too important to keep quiet. According the the American Foundation for Suicide prevention, 3,891 Texans lost their lives to suicide in 2019.[1] Each life that’s cut short is one too many. But, knowing the facts about suicide is one of the first steps in breaking the stigma that surrounds it, and in […]

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Depression: Hard Facts About a Common Struggle

National Suicide Prevention hotline:  800-273-8255 It’s about as prevalent as asthma, but often it’s spoken of far less openly. A 2017 study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that over 17 million American adults had experienced a least one major depressive episode in the past year. Also know as major depression, this condition is characterized by feelings of sadness or loss […]

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A Well World: In the Shadow of Illness

Health is on our minds a lot these days. With COVID-19, with the delta variant, with RSV continuing to threaten and to scare, we are all evermore aware of the need to protect ourselves and others the best we can. These ever-looming contagions have taken center stage for 18 months. The warnings are constant; the impact is devastating. In the U.S., nearly 40 million people […]

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Help Wanted: Resource Center Coordinator

At The Well Community the interdependency between mental health and physical health is obvious every day. This connection can’t be overstated (see An Interconnected Challenge: Physical Health in the Shadow of Mental Illness). That’s why The Well offers holistic care for its members. In addition to addressing emotional needs such as isolation, depression or loneliness, The Well serves its members’ spiritual, cognitive and physical well-being. In […]

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