Celebrating Five Years: An Interview with Alice Zaccarello

Five years ago the Board of Directors of The Well Community made one of the most important—and best—decisions it has made for our organization. After a careful search we brought on Alice Zaccarello as our Executive Director. During her tenure we have seen awareness of The Well widen and the circle of community support deepen. Her compassion for our members and her leadership of our programs reflects her good heart and her wise ways. We wanted you to get to know more about Alice’s perspective on her role, her job, her ministry. The following is a brief interview with Alice. I hope you’ll enjoy these glimpses into her thoughts, and, when you have the opportunity, join me in thanking her for ongoing service to The Well. – Wes Keyes, Chairman of the Board of Directors Continue reading

It’s the Staff

It's the Staff

Ericka and Gemma (second row, second and third from the left) with Well Community members at the Fall 2018 Spiritual Retreat

A while ago, P.T., a member of The Well Community, was asked, “What makes The Well a special place?” He listed a number of things such as being treated as a human being, having a safe place to go to and having spiritual as well as practical needs met. Then he paused and added, “Really, it’s the staff.”

The Well provides services, programs and meals for Well members with a small, hardworking staff. “The Well would not be what it is today without these people who run it,” said a volunteer. Indeed, along with Executive Director Alice Zaccarello, Program Coordinator Ericka Ruiz and Assistant Program Coordinator Gemma Cardenas make quite the dream team when it comes to loving the members of The Well. Continue reading