Help Wanted: Resource Center Coordinator

Jessy Watford, Community Relations Coordinator from Superior HealthPlan, with Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director of The Well

At The Well Community the interdependency between mental health and physical health is obvious every day. This connection can’t be overstated (see An Interconnected Challenge: Physical Health in the Shadow of Mental Illness). That’s why The Well offers holistic care for its members.

In addition to addressing emotional needs such as isolation, depression or loneliness, The Well serves its members’ spiritual, cognitive and physical well-being. In order to address hygiene, nutrition and clothing/bedding concerns, a new Well Resource Center has been created. Water bottles, toothbrushes, hand sanitizers, healthy snack food, masks, body wash, shoes and lightly used jackets are just some of the items available to members as needed.

The Resource Center is a partnership between The Well Community, Superior HealthPlan and numerous generous neighbors who have helped to start filling the shelves. Just one component is missing: a Resource Center Coordinator.

Again, The Well has formed a partnership to help meet this need. AmeriCorps VISTA has approved a full-time position that is just waiting to be filled. Major duties include:

  • Assess current resources available for distribution
  • Develop and establish an inventory system
  • Organize the Resource Center for easy access to vital resources
  • Establish a process for distributing resources
  • Recruit nonprofit and corporate partnerships
  • Recruit and train Resource Center volunteers

The position requires a high school diploma or GED; applicants must be 18 or older, have organizational skills and possess positive experience with teamwork. The application process starts with AmeriCorps: Just click here. Please let others know about this critical position that will make such a difference in the well-being of adults living with severe mental health challenges.

If you’d like to provide items for the Resource Center, an easy way to shop is through The Well wish list on Amazon. When you check out, indicate you want your order shipped directly to The Well Community.

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