A Well World: Symbols of Our Gratitude

The Well Community couldn’t exist without the support of others who see the needs of people living with serious mental illness and invest their time, resources and heart to meet these needs with consistency and compassion. That’s why, from time to time, the Well honors individuals and organizations that have made a difference in the lives of our members and in the issue of mental health in our community. This spring, we’re excited to recognize one faithful volunteer and an organization that has been deeply linked to the Well from the beginning.

Faithful and caring volunteer Cerena Fain accepts the Founders Award

The Founders Award is presented to someone who makes a difference through their service to the Well, usually a volunteer who makes a significant impact in the lives of our members through their time and kindness at the Well. This year’s recipient, Cerena Fain, has been doing that consistently since she began serving our members in June 2018.

Cerena listens attentively to our members as she lends a hand at our Community Life Center every Monday. She laughs with them, hugs them, does crafts with them, prays with them, serves lunch and often gives the morning devotional. But actually, she does even more. In fact, she does anything asked of her by the staff or members, including washing dishes and handing out clothing. And our members love her as they know she genuinely cares.

Well Community Board member Jeff Lane, a longtime Cliff Temple member and a volunteer since the beginning of the Well, accepts the Courage and Advocacy Award on behalf of Cliff Temple Baptist Church

The Courage and Advocacy Award is presented to an entity that has done something important for the issue of mental illness in our community. This year’s recipient, Cliff Temple Baptist Church, has made an impact that is not only significant but also immensely personal for our members as, for over two decades, it has hosted the Well Community.

The Well was birthed out of Cliff Temple, founded by their Associate Pastor, Joel Pulis, who saw the need among those in our community living with serious mental illnesses. He recruited others, including his family and friends, to begin a ministry that provided a place of belonging for them; and in the years since, the church has provided unwavering support for the Well Community in numerous ways.

For 22 years, this church has been instrumental in the life of the Well Community. It has opened not only its doors but also the hearts and hands of its people. Cliff Temple welcomes our members in all aspects of the church, from worship to Sunday School classes to the choir, and for many years it held a Sunday school especially for those who are a part of the Well. Just a few months ago, two Well Community members were married there.

Cliff Temple staff regularly engage with and care about our members, and they encourage those who attend the church to get involved in the Well. We’re so thankful for the many donors and volunteers who call Cliff Temple their church home.

Both of these awards represent our deep gratitude for those who consistently and compassionately invest in the lives of our members. Though we could never fully capture our appreciation with recognitions like these, we’re grateful for the opportunity to honor those like Cerena and Cliff Temple for their faithful service, generous hearts and welcoming spirit. They are a gift and blessing to our members, and for that, we humbly say “thank you.”


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