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Four Things to Know About Homelessness in Dallas

On a single night earlier this year, the Housing Forward 2023 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count found that 4,244 people in Dallas and Collin counties were experiencing homelessness. Each one has a name and a story. And many are also dealing with mental health challenges.

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A Well World: Equity Statement

Throughout the U.S., various mental health advocates and agencies have been promoting Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. We do this because minority people face additional challenges and obstacles in addressing mental illness than do whites. (Click here to read our blog about those difficulties.) At the Well Community, we are uniquely positioned to serve minority people. In 2022, 77% of the people who attended the […]

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Four Barriers to Minority Mental Health Care

Mental health struggles impact people of every race and background. And those of every ethnicity and culture often need the help of qualified professionals when facing these challenges. However, for members of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities, significant roadblocks make obtaining care much more difficult.

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A Well World: Generosity of Spirit

Our blogs this month focus on the intersection of mental illness and poverty. The two often go hand in hand and are often most visible among the homeless whom we pass on the streets. It would be remiss of us, though, to give the impression that poverty and mental health issues limit the ability of a person to be generous. I see stunning examples of […]

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Member Spotlight: Poverty and Mental Illness

Philipe* is a charter member of the Well Community. That means for over 20 years he has found a welcoming place to belong, despite grappling with overwhelming challenges of living with several mental health conditions. He represents the majority of Well members: male (75%) and Hispanic (43%), and like many others, he is now in his 60s. He has been navigating mental illness since he […]

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A Higher Toll: The Impact of Inflation on Mental Health

It’s hard to make it through a day without a reminder of rising prices. Inflation reached a 40-year high in 2022, and prices continue to climb. Nearly everything, from groceries to housing, costs more than it did just a year or two ago—in some cases more than it did the week before. While this inflation is certainly an economic issue, it doesn’t affect only wallets […]

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A Well World: Kinder Voices

During the long months of COVID, our Well members faced many additional insurmountable challenges. Two particularly come to mind. First, we lost several members during the pandemic, and we miss them terribly. We notice their absences during game time, when their laughter no longer joins in the fun. We are painfully aware of their passing when we pray for one another and their kind voices […]

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In Our Own Words

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Two longtime members of the Well Community have shared their mental health journey with us via video. Take a look!  

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Why Mental Health Awareness is Just the First Step

It’s no secret that our culture is talking more about mental health these days. The fact that one in five Americans—over 50 million people—experiences a mental illness in a given year is becoming common knowledge. And celebrities, athletes, actors and politicians are speaking openly and publicly about their mental health struggles and about the importance of tending to your emotional wellbeing. This growing conversation has […]

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A Well World: For the Sake of Others

The Well Community serves in the context of a wider community. We partner with local businesses, restaurants, churches, civic groups and other nonprofits to provide the best holistic care we can for our members, who suffer with chronic and debilitating mental illnesses. Recently we had an experience that involved a number of agencies coming together to care for Marguerite,* a longtime member of the Well. […]

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