A Well World: A Wider Community of Spiritual Blessing

Serious mental illnesses inflict many losses. These diseases can strip those who suffer from them of hopes, strain relationships and place giant roadblocks in front of opportunities. And among these losses is one that’s especially deep and rarely seen: the loss of spiritual community.

As the only faith-based nonprofit in the Dallas area that exclusively serves those living with serious mental health conditions, the Well Community is uniquely able to meet the spiritual needs of our members. Our weekday Bible studies and Thursday Night Life services provide opportunities for them to learn and worship together, and members often come alongside one another with encouragement and prayer.

But our members don’t receive spiritual support only from others inside the doors of the Well. They’re also blessed through the prayers and gifts of a larger community that comes alongside them in faith.

Members of the PrayWell Team support Well Community members through regular prayer for specific needs, and the gifts and service of many donors and volunteers make times like Thursday Night Life possible. And, this time of year, we’re especially thankful for one more way our larger community comes around our members: retreat sponsorship.

Our twice-yearly overnight retreats provide many blessings for Well Community members: a break from the daily concerns of life with serious mental illnesses, hearty meals, time with friends and opportunities to enjoy nature, as well as participate in engaging activities such as crafts, hayrides, bonfires and scavenger hunts. But they’re more than that. As spiritual retreats, they’re also times when our members are refreshed in the deepest parts of their souls. Through devotionals, prayer and time with God in the beauty of creation, their trust in the Lord is bolstered and their hearts are renewed.

These retreats are possible because many in our community give generously. Each donation of $175 allows a Well Community member to enjoy one of these times away—a gift that has a lasting impact as it strengthens their faith.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for retreat sponsorships this year. If you’d like to be part of bringing this special form of spiritual support to our members, just click here.

To all in our larger community who come alongside our members through prayer and generous hearts, thank you! Your care and kindness builds them up in faith and sustains them with hope.


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