A Well World: A Place Where Love Thrives

It was a truly joyous occasion. A few months ago, two of our members tied the knot in front of many of their friends from the Well Community. And as we rejoiced with them in their marriage, we felt waves of gratitude for the power of love in the lives of people who, many times, struggle to find it.

Like all of us, those living with serious mental illnesses want to be loved and accepted as they are. They want relationships in which they are cared for and communities where they are welcomed. But due to the symptoms of their conditions, this core need so often goes unmet.

That’s why this wedding was especially joyful. Mary and David had both been coming to the Well for years. They shared a love for music and a common understanding of the challenges of dealing with life-altering mental illnesses. And, as they spent time together, day after day, year after year, romance blossomed.

And so, on a Monday this past October, they were wed at Cliff Temple Baptist Church, with Mary’s son walking her down the aisle and her daughter serving as maid of honor. It was a beautiful celebration of love, of family, of community.

Mary and David’s care for one another reminds us that we are better together. David guides Mary, who lives with a visual impairment, to the stage to sing during Thursday Night Life worship services, as well as to countless other places she needs to go. Mary in turn guides David with her determined spirit, giving direction in relationships and loving support.

They’re not the first Well Community members to marry, and they likely won’t be the last. But romantic love is far from the only type that flourishes at the Well. The love of friendship, of coming alongside, thrives every day as members listen to one another, pray for each other and connect in ways that remind them they are not alone. And that is truly a cause for joy.

During the month of February, we’re asking friends of the Well to provide $20,000 to supply some of the essential things that help our members experience love. Will you be part of loving them well? Give at bit.ly/Love_Well.


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