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Shoes Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness

On Thursday, September 15, The Well Community was honored to receive hundreds of pairs of gently used shoes from the Greater Dallas Suicide Prevention Coalition. Each pair represented a life lost to suicide in Dallas last year. Community leaders gathered to highlight issues related to depression and other factors that can lead to suicide. The event was held at Dallas City Hall where Eric Nadel, […]

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 The Right Questions

An area of spiritual blindness in our Christian community is how we view those dealing with mental illnesses. Our assumptions are often based on ignorance and stigma, and our wrong questions reveal our lack of understaning.

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What Jesus Would Do

Six years ago, Brent McDougal was looking for a job as a pastor when he heard about Cliff Temple Baptist Church’s association with a nonprofit in Oak Cliff that serves those who struggle with mental illnesses. Intrigued, McDougal began learning more about Cliff Temple’s relationship with The Well Community, discovering that not only does the church host weekly events and provide office space for The […]

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Six Things to Know About Those Who Care For Adults Dealing With Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses have a ripple effect. The National Alliance on Mental Illness recognizes that the “challenges of mental illness do not only affect an individual’s family members but also friends, teachers, neighbors, coworkers and others in the community.” Often, those who serve as caregivers are impacted the most.

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We are Family

In 2002, Joel Pulis started The Well Community at Cliff Temple Baptist Church in North Oak Cliff, building on his dream to help the neighborhood’s underserved people struggling with mental illnesses. It was then that Becky Wilson, a middle-aged woman who deals with bipolar disorder, was walking past Cliff Temple and ran into Joel and assured her she would enjoy The Well. And she does.

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A Well World: Incredible Good

REFLECTIONS FROM ALICE ZACCARELLO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Part of my job as executive director at The Well Community is compiling information to make reports—to the Board of Directors, to funders, to our donors. This research gives me the opportunity to look at broad trends and consider the overall impact in the lives of our members. Each time I do this I stand back and marvel at […]

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Restoring Community: Addressing Mental Illness and Homelessness at The Well

“There is a delicate relationship between homelessness and mental illness,” shares Alice Zaccarello, executive director of The Well Community. “Mental illness affects the physical, psychological, emotional, social, occupational and spiritual lives of those living with such disorders.” Those managing mental health challenges often struggle to secure adequate housing, maintain relationships with family, manage their finances, utilize public transportation, hold down jobs and stick with their treatment plans—all factors that increase their risk of becoming homeless.

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Jacob’s House: A Haven from Homelessness

Tucked behind a magnolia tree and several leafy shrubs on a quiet street in Oak Cliff sits an unassuming, pale yellow house. It’s two stories tall, with wide windows and an expansive front porch, not far from the local coffee shops, restaurants and boutique stores popping up along Davis Street and Bishop Arts. This is Jacob’s House, a City of Dallas licensed boarding house run […]

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A Well World: Awareness Moments

As we end the month of May we complete the time each year when many in the mental health community try to raise greater awareness about mental illnesses.

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Scrapping Seven Myths About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the most debilitating mental illnesses. It’s also among the most misunderstood. This serious, chronic disease can cause hallucinations, delusions and difficulty concentrating, as well as social withdrawal and emotional unresponsiveness. And, due to misunderstandings about this condition, those who are already struggling often deal with social prejudice as well.

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