Who are Our Neighbors?

Pam and Norma staff
Pam Spell, general manager of Norma’s Cafe (second from left) with a few of Norma’s Cafe Staff

In this blog, we highlight a few local businesses and individuals who come alongside The Well to offer support and care. They share why being a good neighbor to The Well is important to them.

Pam Spell, general manager of Norma’s Cafe for 25 years, has provided meals for The Well for the past five years. “Every time they need something I either give it to them or sell it to them at cost because I love getting to serve them.” In addition to providing meals, Pam has purchased a number of paintings done by members of The Well. “All of the pieces are beautiful and I love to show them off to my friends and customers.”

Norma’s is a favorite restaurant in Oak Cliff for our members. “Every now and then I will see someone at The Well who is a regular at the cafe,” Pam notes. Norma’s donates the annual Thanksgiving meal for Well Community members, and while Pam stays in the kitchen, she knows that as the food is being served, “there are parents teaching their children to love on the people around them regardless of any barriers. They love coming to help because it’s a learning experience for everyone. It really shows the impact The Well has had on the community when there is a constant flow of people wanting to help out.”

Don and Kate Thacker

Several other neighbors in the Oak Cliff community help The Well with Recovery Live, a fundraising event put on in the fall at the Kessler Theater. Kate Thacker led the Host Committee last year and says, “My favorite part of the whole organization is the awareness they bring to the people that make up the Oak Cliff community.” Her husband’s worship band has played at several Thursday Night Life services, where their 4- and 6-year-old children joined him on stage. “I love getting to share the experience with my family and invite our friends to volunteer too.” The Thacker family has not only made friends with fellow volunteers but also with members of The Well. “It has given us deeper roots in Oak Cliff and a new love of our place in southern Dallas.”

Another long-time resident of Oak Cliff, David Spence, participates with The Well each year as a Recovery Live Sponsor. His sustained support is in response to The Well’s reliability and commitment to holistic ministry. “Serving and contributing locally to the people around you is the best type of service because you see time and money being put to good use in your backyard.” David is owner of Good Space and a prominent developer of the Bishop Arts area. He is familiar with members of The Well because they frequent his properties. “My whole vision for my business, and businesses in the future, is to stay within your geographic location. I love being able to serve the homeless and people who struggle with mental illness around the area where I live and work.”

Community, church and civic groups provide much-needed hands-on support that keeps The Well’s programs running smoothly. Dr. Michael Kenney is a part of the Sunset High School alumni group that serves Thursday night meals from time to time. He finds helping at The Well and providing support benefits not only the members, but also the volunteers. “The people who are most ministered to are the ones serving, not the ones being served.” Pam of Norma’s Café confirms, “I’m so grateful I get to help out and encourage others to volunteer because they are making an impact. I see it every day.”

We’re so grateful for the many neighbors who come alongside The Well Community! The Well is always looking for volunteers. Think you might be interested? Don’t hesitate to call or email! We would love to answer your questions and find the best place for you to use your unique gifts. Contact us.

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