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Seven Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Mental Illnesses

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to learn more about the mental health conditions that affect over 50 million Americans every year—including people you know. Learning about mental illnesses is the first step to standing up against stigma and supporting those who struggle. 1. Mental illness is common. Mental illnesses are more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease. One […]

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A Well World: Cycles and Swings

Susie* bounces through the door, greeting all the members with great excitement. Maybe too much excitement. She encircles me with a robust hug. Yes, for sure, too robust. And then come the words. Very, very many words. Words about a rock musician she used to date and how he’s going to come see her next month and how he’ll bring some of his rock star […]

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Busting 10 Myths About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental illness that impacts nearly 6 million Americans every year. It causes dramatic shifts in a person’s mood and energy. These highs and lows, known as mania and depression, impact the ability to think and function. Misconceptions about bipolar disorder abound, and many aren’t harmless misunderstandings. Below are 10 common myths that hurt those dealing with bipolar disorder—and the facts.

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Give and Receive: Volunteer Service at The Well

They could be elsewhere­—at a ballgame, having dinner with friends, working late. But they are not. Instead, every Thursday evening from 5 to 8 p.m., a handful of volunteers come to The Well Community in Oak Cliff to join in worship and serve the meal they have provided and prepared for Thursday Night Life. One of our weekly events, this is an evening of worship […]

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A Well World: Stigma-Free Zone

At The Well we don’t actually talk much about stigma. But our members all know it is the monster that has caused them to seek shelter here, with others who understand and care.

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Six Ways to Stop Stigma

Stigma is an all-too-common experience for those dealing with mental illnesses. For members at The Well, it does its damage daily. The majority of those who live with mental illness experienece the pain of stigma. In fact, just one in four people with mental health symptoms believe that others are caring and sympathetic to those living with mental illnesses.[1] Stigma sets people apart in the […]

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Community Members visit the State Fair of Texas

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Meet Our New Executive Director

February 2014 Earlier this month, Alice Zaccarello became the new Executive Director of the Well. We are excited, as Alice has a great deal of experience and has successfully lead several nonprofits. Most recently, Alice was Executive Director of the Ferguson Road Initiative, an entity dedicated to revitalizing Far East Dallas. Previously she was director of the Greater Lakewood Shepherd’s Center serving older adults in […]

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Mental Illness and the Church

Excerpt from the Internet Monk (November 28, 2012). “The mentally and emotionally ill are part of every church. They make up part of the body of Christ. They are persons baptized, professing faith, participating in fellowship, worship and ministry. They are ministers, teachers and pastors. They are the fathers, mothers, young adults, college students and singles in our churches. At times they are our children. […]

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