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A Well World: Kinder Voices

During the long months of COVID, our Well members faced many additional insurmountable challenges. Two particularly come to mind. First, we lost several members during the pandemic, and we miss them terribly. We notice their absences during game time, when their laughter no longer joins in the fun. We are painfully aware of their passing when we pray for one another and their kind voices […]

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In Our Own Words

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Two longtime members of the Well Community have shared their mental health journey with us via video. Take a look!  

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Why Mental Health Awareness is Just the First Step

It’s no secret that our culture is talking more about mental health these days. The fact that one in five Americans—over 50 million people—experiences a mental illness in a given year is becoming common knowledge. And celebrities, athletes, actors and politicians are speaking openly and publicly about their mental health struggles and about the importance of tending to your emotional wellbeing. This growing conversation has […]

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A Well World: For the Sake of Others

The Well Community serves in the context of a wider community. We partner with local businesses, restaurants, churches, civic groups and other nonprofits to provide the best holistic care we can for our members, who suffer with chronic and debilitating mental illnesses. Recently we had an experience that involved a number of agencies coming together to care for Marguerite,* a longtime member of the Well. […]

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Resource Center: A Community Effort

“It’s a community effort,” says Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director of the Well Community, of the Resource Center available to the Well’s members. “We are able to have full shelves of clothing, bedding, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and healthy snack foods because of the support from individuals, businesses, civic groups and churches in the area.” The Well has passed along these kinds of items to its […]

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A Well World: Partings

It has been said, “Life is made up of meetings and partings.” In the last two months, the Well Community parted with two precious friends. “Little” James, a resident of Jacob’s House, passed in his sleep one night in early February. He’d been a part of the Well family for over seven years and was well loved by his “brothers in spirit” at the group […]

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Weekday Devotions: Learning to Love

Pastor Ed Botting has many connections to the Well Community: husband of a member, volunteer Bible study teacher and the Well’s van driver. When he’s not busy with responsibilities, you’ll find him with his eyes and heart firmly planted in the Bible.

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In the Context of Community: Providing Spiritual Support for Mental Health

Faith provides multifaceted benefits for mental wellbeing. As the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states, “Faith and spirituality can be a very helpful component of someone’s recovery from mental illness.” But what does providing spiritual support for mental health look like—especially for those struggling with serious and life-altering conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?

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A Well World: A Huge Shoutout

During our 20-year history, hundreds of individuals and groups have volunteered their time to serve the members of the Well Community. From preparing and serving meals to teaching art to leading devotions to giving computer help, the larger community around the Well has entered into the lives of Well members with generous kindness. We attempt to honor volunteers in big and little ways. For example, […]

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Moms and Sons Volunteer Together

“We’ve all heard the song, Love Makes the World Go Round,” says Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director of the Well Community, “I believe it’s the love of volunteers that makes the Well go well.” This is especially true at Thursday Night Life, where there are opportunities for volunteers to provide the meal, serve the meal, lead worship songs or bring a message. There are all kinds […]

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