Shoes Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness

Well Members receive shoes. L-R Carl, James, Alice Zaccarello (Executive Director of The Well), Dave Hogan (Director of the Crisis Intervention Unit with the Dallas Police Department), Fred (The Well’s van driver), James

On Thursday, September 15, The Well Community was honored to receive hundreds of pairs of gently used shoes from the Greater Dallas Suicide Prevention Coalition. Each pair represented a life lost to suicide in Dallas last year. Community leaders gathered to highlight issues related to depression and other factors that can lead to suicide. The event was held at Dallas City Hall where Eric Nadel, the lead voice of the Texas Rangers radio broadcasts, was the keynote speaker. Afterward, the shoes were sent with members to The Well Community Life Center and will be distributed at Thursday Night Life services over the next few months.

According to Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director of The Well, the shoes will enhance the lives of their members. “Good, sturdy shoes are so important when your main mode of transportation is walking,” she said. Most of The Well’s members are not able to buy the quality or design of the shoes provided by the Greater Dallas Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Mental illness is the number one risk factor for suicide. Approximately 90% of those who die by suicide experienced a mental illness condition at the time of their death. In many cases, these mental illnesses are undiagnosed or untreated. But engaging in a treatment plan greatly reduces an individual’s risk. The Well Community helps members access treatment to manage their conditions. It also provides a place to belong for those who deal with mental illnesses, helping mitigate the isolation and loneliness that can contribute to suicide.


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