This 75208 Zip Code

David Spence and his development business, Good Space, Inc., are longtime friends of The Well Community. His history in nonprofit work prompted interest in The Well when he was first introduced to it by a friend at church, Well advocate Vickie Fisk. The ministry piqued his curiosity because, since its founding in 1995, Good Space has been fully focused on the Bishop Arts district of Dallas, just blocks away from The Well.

“We planned from the beginning to work hyper-locally,” David explains. “Good Space is all about this neighborhood—this 75208 zip code.” With such an intentional scope, David frequently encounters members of The Well Community as he moves about the area. He has volunteered at meals and events at The Well from time to time over the years and Good Space has been a sustaining supporter of The Well.

As a person of faith and a trained attorney, David often reflects on the question in Scripture asked by a lawyer, “Who is my neighbor?” “Members of The Well are my neighbors,” is David’s answer, “and I am enjoined by my faith to minister to my neighbors.”

Beyond the call as a Christian, as a businessman, David sees other good reasons for local merchants and business owners to care about Well members and support The Well Community. “Actually, The Well is an ally of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce. Everyone needs to participate in the rejuvenation of the area. So stabilizing and ministering to this zip code’s most fragile people is just as important as getting us all vaccinated and voting and getting on payrolls.”

David believes that though Well members may not be able to have jobs and contribute as others do, they are still a part of the community and their needs should be met by the community. “People who have businesses in Oak Cliff are here for a reason. They live in Oak Cliff. Their heartstrings are also pulled for the less fortunate around us.”

He has this suggestion for other businesses: “Put your money and your time where your heart is. If you feel called to respond to these people and your business is affected by them, [supporting The Well] is a way to respond.”

David reflects on how The Well cares for its members: “The Well seeks to alleviate the suffering of those who are emotionally and mentally fragile among us. They help their members feel they are not alone and are part of a community. It is always tempting when you write a check to just write The Well, but I am always reminded that it’s that third word that is the most important: Community.”

You can support The Well Community now. Click here to make your secure online donation. Or send a check to The Well Community, 125 Sunset Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208


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