Pursuing Self-Care Together

Charles and Connie, members of The Well

Self-care is a vital element of any mental illness treatment plan. It’s a continual piece of the ongoing process of recovery. But the challenges of living with a mental illness can make it more difficult to practice self-care. For example, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise or make plans with friends when struggling with the motivation-sapping effects of depression.

The Well Community is able to come alongside those dealing with severe and chronic mental illnesses, helping them embrace full, meaningful life. A big part of this involves assisting them in pursuing good physical, emotional and spiritual health. Through its case management services and everyday interactions with members, The Well staff encourages members to practice good self-care and helps them access the resources they need to do so. This self-care includes:

  • Connecting with others.
  • Eating well-balanced meals.
  • Being physically active.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Worship and prayer.
  • Sticking to a treatment plan, including taking medication and seeing a therapist.

From eating well to managing stress, self-care is easier in community. The Well provides an environment that enables individuals dealing with mental health challenges to care for themselves well—and to do it together.

Building Community

Spending time with supportive people can lower stress, improve physical health and provide encouragement in pursuing other self-care strategies. But, for those living with serious mental illnesses, a caring, accepting community can be hard to find.

The Well provides a place to belong—a place where members are embraced as they are, and where they can form friendships with others who can identify with their struggles. There, they know they’re not alone. They can encourage one another when times are particularly tough and rejoice together over victories big and small. Well member Charles shares, “We’re like a family … We have our ups and downs like every other family, but we love each other. We pray for one another.”

As is the case in many families, mealtimes provide an opportunity to connect. The lunches and dinners offered at The Well provide not only nutritious food, but also an opportunity for members to strengthen relationships.

Pursuing Spiritual Health

Faith is at the center of self-care for many Well members. They recognize their need for God’s strength and peace daily. Through its Thursday Night Life Worship services, Bible studies and other programs, The Well helps them cultivate spiritual wellness, providing opportunities for them to pray and sing together, practice gratitude, learn from the Bible and encourage one another in their faith.

Trust in God and hope in His goodness can provide a cornerstone of strength for those living with several mental health challenges. For Well members, faith in an unshakeable, unchanging God who loves them provides steadiness in the midst of the instability that can result from mental illness.

The community and strength found at The Well create an environment where members are continually encouraged to pursue good self-care. Help us continue to serve them.

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