A Well World: Just Plain Fun

One of the most important services The Well Community offers its members is routine. Each day the Community Life Center is open, members are given a modest level of structure that provides stability in what is often a very chaotic world.


We also look for opportunities to do the unusual, the silly, the ridiculously fun. Last Sunday we participated in the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade. Our three decorated vehicles carried about 25 members, while others walked alongside as we made our way with other groups down the route. We threw beads, waved to the crowds and enjoyed being a significant part of the Oak Cliff community. Linda, one of our members, said her favorite part was seeing the brightly colored costumes. James loved the smiles on the children’s faces.

We are grateful for folks from the newly formed Well Auxiliary, who provided the decorations and joined us in the parade. I hope you’ll consider joining the Auxiliary and participate with us in other events like this throughout the year.

I’m posting below some photos that captured some of the moments of the day. But what I can’t quite show you is the value of belonging, the joy of just plain fun or the comfort of friendship that participation in neighborhood events like this bring to members of The Well.



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