A Well World: An Overflow of Gratitude

In this season, even more than usual, I see blessings at every turn. As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving feasts and begin to buy gifts to show appreciation for loved ones, gratitude is a prevailing theme, and this focus makes it even easier to see the many things for which we are deeply thankful.

As I reflect on the ways The Well has been blessed recently, I feel gratitude bubbling up inside me for the many who give their time and their resources so that those in our community who live with serious mental illnesses have reason to give thanks as well.

Because they give, our members enjoyed a time of refreshment and fun, away from the daily challenges of dealing with mental illness, at our fall spiritual retreat.

Because they care, our Thursday Night Life services continue to provide spiritual strength and physical nourishment to our members, week after week.

Because they invest in The Well, our Community Life Center continues to bring hope and healing through meaningful activities and opportunities for connection.

It’s only because of the partnership of many that The Well Community is able to meet the deep and multifaceted needs of those who live with the daily challenges of mental illness. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all who give so that The Well can continue to be a place to belong.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving overflowing with blessings!


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