A Well World: A Lot of Good Going On

Historic homes are being restored and repurposed. New businesses are moving into the area. Restaurants are expanding and the Dallas Trolley is bringing visitors to discover the vibrant Bishop Arts District. These are exciting days for Oak Cliff, and as a lifelong resident, I just smile when I see so much good going on around me.

It’s all happening just blocks from The Well’s Community Life Center and near Jacob’s House. There is a lot of good going on here, too. Just this month volunteers from the Christian Firefighters Association spent a day doing some refurbishing at Jacob’s House (see photos below). Our licensed boarding house is home to eight men who deal with chronic mental illnesses. Several of the residents worked alongside the volunteers, not only sharing paint and hammers, but swapping stories and laughter. In the middle of the day, Norma’s Café provided an awesome chicken-fried steak lunch.

At other times this month groups like Christ Episcopal Church and the Arbuckle Family served lunches or Thursday Night Life dinners at The Well Community. Some helped with our worship services or chatted casually with our members. All the volunteers gave something of themselves to make that day a bit better for those who struggle with mental illnesses and poverty.

Meanwhile, throughout the month we received donations from local individuals, churches, businesses and other groups wanting to support the ministry of The Well Community. Several gave special gifts in June, aware that there are often funding shortfalls in the summer months.

I’m glad to be a part of the Oak Cliff community and also of The Well Community because every day I see people who do good as they care, share, dream, build and give. As Suzanne Braddick, President of the Christian Firefighters Association and DFR Senior Fire Prevention Officer told me, “It’s good to do this where you live.” Indeed.



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