Well World: Love Never Fails

October weather in North Texas is notoriously unpredictable. Some days are carryovers from September’s high 90s. Others are cool, clear and crisp. Then come the rainy days—dreary and dark.

Many members of The Well Community experience moods like October weather—ever-changing and unstable. Mood disorders are among the most common types of mental illnesses and we see them often among our members. Typically the right medications, welcoming friendships, healthy food and consistent sleep can help “reset” a person’s mood.

This is why it is so important that The Well staff continue to do mental health checks with our folks. This is why offering nutritious meals and essential hygiene items makes such a difference. And this is why being a community is critical in providing mental health stability amid very uncertain times for adults who live with very unpredictable lives.

I’ve seen the results of this care over and over in many of our members across a number of years, but never so vividly as now. This is love in action, and as Scripture reminds us, “Love never fails.”


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