Seven Principles of Compassion in Action

The Well Community was formed in 2002 as a faith-based organization. As such, we enjoy the fellowship and support of a number of area churches. Many are involved with The Well in a variety of ways. Their members volunteer; their pastors share messages; their worship teams lead worship; their Sunday school classes provide meals; their budgets include The Well. We are so grateful to them!

Clergy are often the first people many turn to when facing emotional challenges. And so it is our joy to partner with churches that are learning about mental health and to offer help so they can be better equipped to care for individuals dealing with mental health issues.

Recently we learned of a newly produced resource for churches: Compassion in Action is a guide produced by the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They set out Seven Principles of Compassion in Action, shown below. Download the full PDF at

The Well Community also adheres to these principles and would welcome the opportunity to help your congregation become more compassionate and helpful to those whose lives are turned upside down because of mental illness. Please give us a call at 214-393-5878, ext. 605.

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