May 19 The Well Community Day

The Well Community was honored on May 19, 2021 by the Office of Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson, through the efforts of Councilman Chad West, in a proclamation that, as a part of of Mental Health Awareness Month, May 19 was declared The Well Community Day!

Join us in celebrating this recognition (see below)!


WHEREAS, The month of May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States; and

WHEREAS, In the year 2020, Texas ranked as the state with the third highest number of adults who experienced mental illness; and

WHEREAS, In the same year, Texas also ranked 50th among the states for access to mental health care; many residents experience difficulty trying to obtain affordable, quality health insurance and the appropriate treatment for their medical condition; and

WHEREAS, The Well Community is a faith-based organization in Dallas County providing hope, stability, and community to adults living with mental illnesses. The organization achieves this by promoting healthy relationships, providing essential services, and offering meaningful programs; and

WHEREAS, The Well Community manages Jacob’s House, a City of Dallas-licensed boarding home for up to eight men living with mental illness; and

WHEREAS, Since 2002,

The Well Community has served Dallas residents whose lives have been drastically disturbed by mental illness by offering a restorative environment in all of its programs, including the Community Life Center and Thursday Night Life weekly worship services.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ERIC JOHNSON, Mayor of the City of Dallas, and on behalf of the Dallas City Council, do hereby proclaim May 19, 2021 as


in Dallas, Texas.

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