Celebrating Compassion

Throw the confetti! Whoop and holler! Clap and stomp! In whatever way you like to celebrate, join us as we jubilantly rejoice in the incredible response for The Well Community on North Texas Giving Day (NTGD)!

We wondered if our goal—$65,000—was a bit of a stretch, but there are so many ways our members are impacted by COVID-19, we saw NTGD as an opportunity to gain resources to address their needs.

As early giving closed the night of September 16, 40 people had already pledged $14,410. Wow! Twenty-four hours later, 88 more had given an additional $53,365!

Our total for NTGD came to $67,775—$2,775 over our goal!

Throw the confetti! Whoop and holler! Clap and stomp!

We are reminded what an incredible community surrounds The Well Community. Each person who donated gave out of compassion, concern and support for our members who often believe that no one cares. Mental illnesses have tried to rob them of dignity, relationships and resources. Once again donors to The Well have pushed back the isolation by showing that many do care.

Our thanks to all who gave: all 128 of you—including the anonymous donors we can’t thank personally. We are especially grateful for the supporter who quietly provided the $10,000 matching gift. We have deep appreciation for contributions from donor-advised funds: The RoRy Fund, The Joy Fund and the Hawn Foundation. And hooray to Jeff Lane and Nanette Wofford for creating FUNdraising pages.

Through all these gifts from NTGD, Well members can continue to have:

  • the friendship of others who understand, accept and support
  • access to nutritious meals
  • essential supplies to stay healthy during COVID-19
  • attentive staff who help them access other resources they need
  • people who check in on them during these uncertain times

Throw the confetti! Whoop and holler! Clap and stomp!

If you missed the opportunity to give, we appreciate your support any time! Mail checks to The Well Community, 125 Sunset Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208 or click here to give securely online.

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