A Well World: Awareness Moments

As we end the month of May we complete the time each year when many in the mental health community try to raise greater awareness about mental illnesses. Some groups launch special advertising campaigns, host annual fundraisers or promote books and movies that help bring attention to the issues facing those who deal with mental illnesses. The Well Community also highlights various mental health initiatives throughout May.

But at The Well every month is mental health awareness month. In fact, every moment of every day, we are keenly aware of the realities of bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia and other common illnesses. We see firsthand the heroic efforts individuals make in their next steps toward recovery. At the same time, we watch as some falter and others flounder. All the while, we support, we assist, we serve.

As the month of May ends for 2016, I want to make you aware that The Well is the only faith-based service provider in the Dallas area for those dealing with severe mental illnesses. And I want you to be aware that it is only through donations, grants and gifts that we are able to give those with these debilitating challenges a place of stability, a place of help, a place to belong.

Please Give Now.

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