A Well World: The Great Escape

It’s a rite of spring for our members: our overnight retreat to Mt. Lebanon Camp. They look forward to it each year like you and I do when we count down days for vacation or holiday breaks. You and I know what having a “time away” means for our outlook, our attitude, our physical energy. And if we are honest, we can admit that being able to regularly retreat into nature is foundational to our mental health. That’s also true for members of The Well Community—but perhaps even more so.

Our members live every day under the stresses of insecure housing, inadequate nutrition and inescapable anxiety. But twice a year we can give them a one-night escape from those burdens. And we can do that amid community. Together they enjoy the countryside hayrides, evening bonfires, daily games and devotions.

Free, even briefly, from concerns about the complexities of life, their laughter bubbles over and their delight explodes. For adults who shoulder severe mental illnesses, such relief is nothing short of a miracle.

We’ve put together a brief slideshow (see below) to give you just a glimpse of how our time away impacts our members. Enjoy!



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