A Well World: Thanks for Giving Day

It was a great day. One hundred nineteen people participated with The Well Community. Some of them were also among the more than 70 gathered to celebrate partnership, generosity and the hope for recovery. By the end of the day, $48, 249 in contributions were made by people who truly care. That total allowed us to also receive a $20,000 matching grant kindly provided by Shirlee and Charles Bealke, Vicki and Paul Cardarella, Kristi and Scott Coleman, Elizabeth and Ryan Schorman, Karen and Bret Schuch, Cindy Carpenter-Smith and Alice Zaccarello.

And that is what North Texas Giving Day is about for The Well—people in our community expressing concern for those living with severe mental illnesses in very tangible ways. Before the event, we listed a number of things that could happen when the larger community gives generously toward The Well Community. And now we will be able to accomplish those plans … continue to open the doors of the Community Life Center, provide case management and lunches for our members, sponsor Thursday Night Life dinner and worship services, offer scholarships for retreats and subsidize Jacob’s House meals.

These services are lifelines to those whose hopes for recovery, dignity and daily survival are anchored in The Well. To those who gave on North Texas Giving Day, thank you. And to all who give in other ways or at other times, thank you.


P.S. Below is a slideshow from our 2018 North Texas Giving Day Donor Watch Party. So thankful to have such a giving community surrounding The Well!


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