A Well World: Little by Little

KIDOGO, KIDOGO HUJAZA KIBABA. It’s a proverb from East Africa and it means, “Little by little fills the measure.” I like it because it reminds me that multiple small actions, done with consistency and purpose, can have just as important of an impact as one big act.

Through regular participation at The Well Community, adults who live with debilitating mental illnesses are able, over time, to develop stable, steady life skills and self-care habits that help them live lives filled with purpose and dignity. Paul, a member of The Well for many years, says that coming regularly “helps me a lot. It makes me feel more like I’m a human being.”

KIDOGO, KIDOGO HUJAZA KIBABA. Just as our members can take small regular steps toward their own care, there are also ways some of the routines of your life can support their efforts.

For example, did you know that you can automatically give to The Well when you make purchases on Amazon? The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5 percent of the purchase price of eligible products from Amazon to a nonprofit you select. If you are a regular shopper with them, over the course of a year your routine purchases could help The Well “fill the measure.” Just go to smile.amazon.com and sign in to your Amazon account. You’ll then be prompted to select a charity. Type “The Well Community Dallas” in the search box, click “search” and select The Well Community from the top of the list that appears. Then, the next time you want to make purchases, instead of going to the main Amazon page, go to smile.amazon.com to do your shopping. Simple, right? To learn more about the program go to smile.amazon.com/about.

Another way to help “fill the measure” for The Well is with your usual shopping at Tom Thumb. Through their Good Neighbor Program, you can link your Tom Thumb Loyalty account to The Well Community. Think of your weekly grocery budget. By participating in this program, one percent of that amount will go to support The Well Community. Day by day, little by little, your giving makes a big difference!

KIDOGO, KIDOGO HUJAZA KIBABA. It may be an African proverb, but with your participation, it’s a truism for The Well, too.


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