A Well World: Holistic Care

Although it can be easy for each of us to segment ourselves into mind, body and soul, we are, indeed, integrated beings. When one part of us is unwell, other parts suffer. It’s common for worry to set in when we have a lengthy illness. Studies show that faith often augments healing.

This is one of the reasons why we take a holistic approach at The Well Community.  Good nutrition at lunch and on Thursday evenings helps our members feel better physically and emotionally. Devotions and worship connects their faith to the realities they face in living with mental illnesses. Sessions on self-care or finances provide tools not only for stable living but also for peace of mind.

After our recent fall spiritual retreat one member remarked, “I always like going out there [Mt. Lebanon Camp]. I learn important things about God, but also we do fun things. And the food is really good.”

It’s this integrated approach that makes The Well Community unique among organizations serving those living with mental health difficulties.

Because of the ways The Well serves its members, I’d like to invite you to be a part of “Starry Night in Hollywood” (formerly Recovery Live!, our fall fundraiser) on November 9. It will be a terrifically fun time as we don our Hollywood star attire and dance to the music of The Rosemont Kings. Tickets and sponsorships start at $100. Purchase online and find more details at wellcommunity.org/starrynight/.

Funds raised that night will help The Well continue to support our members: mind, body and soul.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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