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Each year the holiday season highlights for me how huge the human heart really is. As we celebrated Thanksgiving we found a storehouse of gratitude ready to be given away. And at Christmas we respond to the generosity of God’s greatest gift by offering gifts to those we love greatly.

At The Well Community I see the big hearts of our members who befriend and care for one another each day. I see the overflowing love of volunteers who come alongside our members in service and support. And I see the outpouring of financial gifts from donors who know that great giving begins with generosity to those who have little to offer in return.

12 Days Oak CliffAs we start into December, I also see the huge capacity our Oak Cliff neighbors have for loving well. Sponsored by Go Oak Cliff, Body Oak Cliff and Kickstand, 12 Days Oak Cliff highlights one nonprofit in the Oak Cliff area each day beginning this Thursday, December 1. On the designated day, 12 Days Oak Cliff will provide a link to an Amazon Wish List provided by the agency. You can easily select, shop and ship the items you want to contribute. Sunday, December 4th is the day The Well Community will be featured.

The Well Wish List

Our Amazon wish list includes toiletries for our members, many of whom have limited access to personal care items. Through your generosity, The Well aims to have enough items to put together and give away bags for 100 people at our annual Christmas party on December 15. These small gifts make a huge impact in contributing to good health for our members. Click here to shop for things on our list.

Walmart Cards

Another gift we provide each year at our Christmas party on December 15 is a $50 gift card from Walmart for each member of The Well. A gift card is a great present for our members. It offers them the opportunity to pick out specific items they want. Often they use their cards to buy gifts for their children or other family members. If you’d like to help with this, you can mail a check* for gift card purchases or mail/drop off cards to our office. Another easy way to help is by making a donation on our website for $50.00 per card. If you’d like to participate, please get cards or donations to us by Friday, December 9.

With thanks for YOUR big heart!


*Checks made out to The Well Community can be mailed to The Well Community, 125 Sunset Ave., Dallas, Texas 75208. Our offices are located inside Cliff Temple Baptist Church. Click here to see map.

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