A Well World: A Huge Shoutout

During our 20-year history, hundreds of individuals and groups have volunteered their time to serve the members of the Well Community. From preparing and serving meals to teaching art to leading devotions to giving computer help, the larger community around the Well has entered into the lives of Well members with generous kindness.

We attempt to honor volunteers in big and little ways. For example, most years we present our Founders Award to those who have selflessly and significantly impacted members of the Well. Recipients have included Joel Pulis (founder of the Well), Ann Tabony (art teacher), Diann Warnock (lunch chef) and James Barclay (lunchtime server).

A few times each year we also feature some of our volunteers on our website. If you missed those posts, you’ll want to be sure to meet Abbey and Collin Adcox,  Grace Pulis, Caitlin Miles, the Moser family, the Thacker family, the Coleman family, the Christian Firefighter’s Association and The Branch of Tyler Street Church. Together they represent just a fraction of the number of people who share their time and talents with members of the Well Community.

It’s with a full and grateful heart that I give a HUGE shoutout to ALL who serve. You know who you are! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



P.S. If you or your church, friends or civic group want to lend a hand and make a difference, click here to find out more!

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