A Well World: A Family for Everyone


I was so pleased recently when the seven residents of Jacob’s House piled into the van to go get their COVID-19 vaccines. They seemed genuinely glad to go on the outing, even if it was just a trip to the clinic together. In the van there was laughter and affirming camaraderie.

Seeing that reminded me of when my siblings and I were loaded up in the family car. There was some teasing and tussling, but there were also jokes and songs. You know, the kinds of things families do together.

That’s the way the men at Jacob’s House see each other—as family. As noted in one of the blogs this month, one resident has said, “These men are my brothers. We are a family.”

The Well carries the name of “community,” which is what we provide and foster. It is one of the most desperate needs of adults living with mental health disorders—having a group of people with whom to belong.

Jacob’s House takes the community environment one step further. It builds the kind of bonds that happen in sharing life together, day in and day out. Good days. Bad days. Eating, laughing, watching TV, playing games and doing chores are the kinds of things families do together.

I talked with one of our monthly donors recently about her faithful gifts. She explained, “We are able to care for our son amid his journey with mental illness. We are glad to be able to support The Well so there is a ‘family’ for everyone.”



The Well Community offers support, resources and a place to belong for those dealing with serious mental illnesses. Your gift to The Well will help address underlying issues that can lead to homelessness among these individuals, and as well as assist those facing the dual struggles of insecure housing and mental illness take steps toward stability.

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