A Well World: Not Surprised

Last week the Communities Foundation of Texas held North Texas Giving Day. This was our ninth year to participate in this online fundraising event.

This year’s results of $71,335 from 104 donors exceeded our goal and reminded us that we can always count on our partners to be there for us.

To be honest, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the generosity showed by so many. Overwhelmed, but not surprised.

By now I know that so many of our supporters are invested in The Well Community because they care about our friends and neighbors who have really challenging lives because of mental illnesses. Our donors understand the scourge of stigma and bitterness of marginalization. And they know that The Well is, for most of our members, the only community that addresses their human needs for kindness, support and friendship.

One of our members told me just last week how he sure hopes The Well can continue to help him because he just didn’t know what he’d do without us. I pass that sentiment on to you: I just don’t know what The Well would do without those who support us through North Texas Giving Day and other giving opportunities throughout the year.

Another somewhat amazing characteristic of our donors is that some prefer to give anonymously. I so honor their choice to do that; but at the same time, I miss the opportunity to personally thank them. If you are such a friend, please know how much we value your gifts!

Many, many thanks,


A Well World: Thank You for Your Cumulative Impact in 2019!

On any given day at The Well Community, it’s easy to see numerous reasons to be thankful. Each time our doors open, I witness the profound power of connection and support in the lives of our members—people who, because of struggles with serious mental illness—rarely have safe places where they can be themselves and find friendship and assistance.

But, when I look back at 2019 as a whole and consider the impact of ongoing, caring community in our members’ lives, my heart nearly bursts with gratitude. All year long, we’ve been able to provide a place to belong for those who face the countless daily challenges of life-altering mental health conditions and the isolation that so often accompanies them. It’s hard to understate the cumulative impact. Continue reading