North Texas Giving Day

The Well Community is excited to be part of the nation’s largest online community-wide giving event: North Texas Giving Day! Donations we receive on Thursday, September 20 help us continue to provide a place to belong for people in southern Dallas who are living with mental illnesses.

This year your gift will actually go further through the generosity of matching gifts provided by: Cindy Carpenter-Smith, Paul and Vicki Cardarella, Charles and Shirlee Bealke, Scott and Kristi Coleman, Bret and Karen Schuch, Elizabeth and Ryan Schorman and Alice Zaccarello.

And, every donation that comes in on North Texas Giving Day enables The Well to receive bonus funds, which increase the value of each gift.

In 2017, our donors’ generosity on this single day enabled us to serve those dealing with serious mental illnesses for an entire month!

 Go to between 6 a.m. and midnight on September 20.