In Echoes from The Wellfive of our members give us a glimpse into their worlds and a brief look at how The Well Community has brought life back into their lives. For more Echoes from The Well videos click here.


In A Place to Belong, PT, a long-time member of The Well Community shares his journey with mental health challenges and how The Well is a community that give support and friendships.



 Older Videos 

Promotional Video (2005) – Click on the image below to see our original video made in 2005.  Paul Shanks helped with it’s production.  The video shows the early days of the Well Community -when we still met down in the Mead Hall basement.  Those were good days, but we have certainly grown!  Many of the members showcased in the video continue to attend the Well today.

video sadf

Promotional Video (2009) – This video from 2009, was produced for an upcoming fundraiser, but is still used today by our Executive Director when he makes presentations to community and civic groups.  From a testimonial standpoint, this is an excellent video and sheds light on what it is like to live with severe and disabling mental illness.

video 434

Promotional Video (2012) – This is our most recent video and was shot in 2012.  In many ways, it focuses on the aspects of the Well’s day program called the Community Life Center.  In the video it is often referred to as the “Clubhouse”.  Once again, this video gives first-hand accounts from Well Members regarding the struggles of living with mental illness.  This video was produced with help from the film school at SAGU.

video 3434

Performances by the Well Community Choir and its band, “the Leaky Faucets”

“This is Our God” by Chris Tomlin (2010) – The Well Community’s choir performing at Cliff Temple’s Annual Community Christmas Concert in December 2010.  The choir is accompanied by the “Leaky Faucets”, a group of musicians made up entirely by Well Members.  We were told that we “stole the show”!

Video 3

“Look What Love Has Done” written and performed by “the Leaky Faucets” (2012) – The Well Community’s worship band performing at Cliff Temple’s Annual Community Christmas Concert in December 2012.

Video 1