Always More to Know

Mental illnesses are complex, affecting each person impacted by them in a unique way. Thus, there’s always more to know about what it’s like to live with mental health conditions and how to come alongside those who must navigate the daily challenges of dealing with these illnesses.

Since 1949, when Mental Health America established Mental Health Awareness Month, May has been a time of special focus on increasing understanding of mental health challenges. As a faith-based organization serving adults living with severe mental illnesses, The Well Community particularly wants to help bring awareness to churches, clergy and lay leaders about mental health and faith during May. Continue reading

The Well Community to Honor Diann Warnock and NAMI North Dallas

The past year has demonstrated with striking clarity that The Well isn’t a place: It’s a community. It’s comprised of people who support and care for one another through the countless challenges of life with serious mental illnesses, and of the many who come alongside them through service, generosity and advocacy.

As we celebrate the power of community at our virtual  WellSpring Celebration on April 24, we’ll be taking time to honor two who are part of the circle that makes The Well a place to belong. Continue reading

Michelle Staubach Grimes to Speak at WellSpring Celebration

Michelle Staubach Grimes, daughter of Dallas Cowboys legend Roger Staubach, has struggled with depression, anxiety and OCD since she was a young child, and she is very passionate about mental health. She is dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental illness and to helping those in need of services have access to doctors, therapists, medications, treatment and community services like those offered by The Well Community.

Michelle will share a conversation with acclaimed news reporter Brett Shipp at the virtual return of our annual WellSpring Celebration! This online event on Saturday April 24, 2021 will be available on Facebook and YouTube at 7 p.m. (Central time). There is no charge, but an RSVP is needed so we can send you the log-in details before the event.

At the end of the WellSpring Celebration, Michelle will read from one of her published children’s books, Where is Pidge? 

Hear more from Michelle in the video below. And then plan to join us!

Can’t attend? You can still make a difference! Donate now.

A Well World: A Family for Everyone

I was so pleased recently when the seven residents of Jacob’s House piled into the van to go get their COVID-19 vaccines. They seemed genuinely glad to go on the outing, even if it was just a trip to the clinic together. In the van there was laughter and affirming comradery.

Seeing that reminded me of when my siblings and I were loaded up in the family car. There was some teasing and tussling, but there were also jokes and songs. You know, the kinds of things families do together. Continue reading

We are a Family: Jacob’s House

Jacob’s House is situated on a tree-lined street in Oak Cliff. From the outside it looks like the other older homes in the neighborhood, with a large porch and a fenced front yard. On pleasant days, several men gather outside to “shoot the breeze,” play card games or wave at passersby. There is a comfortableness among them—a sense that they are at home. And they are.

However, for most of the seven who live at The Well Community’s boarding home for men, Jacob’s house has become home only after years of living on the street or in a series of substandard boarding houses. Continue reading

Seven Myths About Mental Illness and Homelessness

Living with a mental illness presents serious challenges when a person has stable housing. But, when an individual living with a mental health condition is without a safe, stable place to live, their struggles are multiplied. Mental illness and homelessness are compounding issues that can contribute to one another and create a cycle that makes it incredibly difficult for those caught in it to pursue stability.

The myths that surround these two issues can create a host of misconceptions that only add to the weight of struggle carried by those experiencing both mental illness and homelessness. The statements below represent several of the most common—and most harmful—myths about people living with these challenges. Continue reading

A Well World: Every One of You

I have to say, I liked snow a lot better when I was a child! Somehow, as an adult, the weight of responsibility is much heavier than the snow that piles up on rooftops. Thankfully neither Jacob’s House nor my own had any broken pipes. We did have to navigate around some power outages, but none that put anyone in harm’s way.

Last week, in the worst of the ice and snow, I cautiously asked on Facebook if anyone could tell me how the roads were. IMMEDIATELY, several friends responded and added, “Is there something we can do for you?” Well, yes. Jacob’s House needed its weekly groceries.

Quickly Cameron McSpadden, who assured us he could safely drive on the ice, offered to head out to shop, and Norma’s Café came to our aid once again, offering a bounty of food. Cameron graciously did the shopping, stopped at Norma’s to pick up their generous donation and then delivered it all to Jacob’s House.

Meanwhile, neither rain nor ice nor snow stopped the Sprinkle/Miles family from dropping off Sunday dinner for the men at Jacob’s House! Thanks to this fantastic family for being a blessing on our snowy Valentine’s Day.

At a time of serious concern, our friends and neighbors reminded us again that The Well Community is nestled in a loving, giving and caring larger community. God bless you, every one of you!


This 75208 Zip Code

David Spence and his development business, Good Space, Inc., are longtime friends of The Well Community. His history in nonprofit work prompted interest in The Well when he was first introduced to it by a friend at church, Well advocate Vickie Fisk. The ministry piqued his curiosity because, since its founding in 1995, Good Space has been fully focused on the Bishop Arts district of Dallas, just blocks away from The Well.

“We planned from the beginning to work hyper-locally,” David explains. “Good Space is all about this neighborhood—this 75208 zip code.” With such an intentional scope, David frequently encounters members of The Well Community as he moves about the area. He has volunteered at meals and events at The Well from time to time over the years and Good Space has been a sustaining supporter of The Well. Continue reading

Helpings of Comfort at Jacob’s House

Every Sunday evening the men of Jacob’s House, The Well Community’s boarding home for men, enjoy a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and delivered with smiles. These family-style suppers, made by real-life relatives Suzan and Phil Sprinkle and their daughter, Caitlin, provide not only nourishment but a hearty helping of care and connection. As Caitlin says, “It’s an opportunity to count our blessings and share those blessings with others.”

Suzan adds, “If you have blessings, they’re not for you to covet; they’re for you to share.” Continue reading