Starry Night Parties Update Recovery Live Concerts

For many years The Well Community has hosted a fall concert called Recovery Live! This year we’ve made a change to bring a fresh approach to the annual event. Starry Night in Hollywood will be held Saturday, November 9 at The Schoolhouse, 1606 Chalk Hill Road, Dallas, 7:30 p.m.-midnight. It introduces new party fun while underscoring the very serious need for support for those dealing with mental illnesses. Below, Alice Zaccarello, Executive Director, tells us about this new direction.

What was special to you about Recovery Live?

I always loved Recovery Live! For every event held the six years we hosted it, we saw tremendous community support. Many dozen businesses and individuals sponsored or attended the events over the years, and willing volunteers helped make Recovery Live! possible.

Each year we had terrific bands including Sixpence None the Richer, The Robbie Seay Band, A Hard Night’s Day (Beatles tribute band), Escape (Journey tribute band), Floramay Holliday with Over the River, The Rosemont Kings and The Texas Gypsies. It was also an annual treat to have local talent opening the event. Early on a group from our own Well Community, called the Leaky Faucets, were the first up on stage. Later we were able to tap into young musicians and singers in the neighborhood to spotlight as the night began.

Of course the best part each year was seeing the larger community come together to support The Well Community. Funds raised have helped us to keep our doors open to many who, because of chronic mental illness, are otherwise forgotten or stigmatized.

Recovery Live! was a well-known event in the Oak Cliff community. Why change it?

I think most events need to evolve to match the interests of their donors. Last year we moved from The Kessler Theatre, which had been a terrific partner and perfect location for many years, to the newly renovated The Schoolhouse to give the evening a bit of a different layout and a fresh venue.

This year we realized that Recovery Live! had already been morphing from a concert into a party and felt that a redo of the event would help us better represent what we do at this important fundraiser.

Why “Starry Night”?

First, we were drawn to the story of Vincent Van Gogh, the creator of the famous painting Starry Night. He actually painted 21 versions, all with slightly different nuances, but all done while he was staying at a mental hospital in Saint-Remy, France. It is believed Van Gogh suffered from what we now call bipolar disorder and had various episodes of psychosis.

The Starry Night painting shows the turbulence of a brilliant but manic mind, coupled with a valley of peace featuring a church of refuge. We see The Well Community as a place of peace where our members can find calm for the chaos they often feel inside.

What are your future plans for Starry Night?

We are starting this year with a Hollywood theme. Guests will have the opportunity to dress as their favorite movie star, character or celebrity and dance to great movie themes as performed by the Rosemont Kings. We’ll have our Neighborhood Spotlight musicians as openers again, too.

Over the next few years each Starry Night will hover over a new magical location and theme—perhaps Casablanca, the Bahamas or maybe even the Wild West!

No matter where we go from here, what will remain a constant is the ongoing needs of those in our community who live daily with mental health challenges. And we hope what will continue and grow is the support for The Well from others who care and give.

It’s not too late to buy tickets, help sponsor the event or make a donation toward The Well Community. And you can do it all online. Click here for details.