Seven Ways a Gift to The Well Makes a Difference

Why I Give 2017 - 1.jpgOnce again, The Well Community is excited to particiapte in nation’s largest online community-wide giving event: North Texas Giving Day! We rely on the generous donations of those in North Texas and beyond, and over the past few years have received a signifcant portion of the funds we need to serve those living with serious mental illnesses on this day. No matter how much you can contribute, you can make a big difference through your gift on Thursday, September 14.

$25: Provide an hour of case management services.

Case management services can make living with a mental illness less overwhelming. Annually, The Well Community provides over 900 hours of case management to members, helping them access health care services and resources such as housing assistance and food stamps. By covering the cost of individualized services from qualified staff, you can come alongside someone struggling with a serious mental health issue.

$50: Feed 40 Well Community members lunch.

Three days each week, The Well provides nutritious lunches to members at its Community Life Center. For some, the meals they receive at The Well Community are the only balanced meals they eat all week. By paying for these lunches, you provide not only physical nourishment, but also the opportunity to connect with others in a supportive environment.

$100: Cover the cost of transporting members to Thursday Night Life each week.

For many Well Community members, lack of access to transportation is a significant hurdle that can prevent them not only from receiving health care or finding a job, but also from connecting with others. By equipping The Well to drive members to Thursday Night Life, you give members opportunities to build relationships and strengthen their faith.

$250: Provide 210 meals (10 weeks’ worth) for one resident of Jacob’s house.

Finding safe, affordable housing and the challenges of managing a home are often giant hurdles for those who deal with serious mental illnesses. At Jacob’s House, up to eight men find a home and a sense of both community and autonomy. By providing meals for a resident of this boarding house, you help someone managing severe and persistent mental health challenges find stability and support.

$500: Cover the cost of Thursday Night Life.

The Well Community is the only faith-based organization in the Dallas area that serves those living with mental illnesses. One way it addresses the spiritual aspect of mental health is through offering a weekly worship service for members, a time of singing, prayer and learning from God’s Word. When you cover the cost of Thursday Night Life, you allow members to find hope and stability in God, encourage one another and interact over a nutritious dinner.

$1,500: Allow the Community Life Center to serve members for one week.

Life-altering mental illnesses can be incredibly isolating, and it’s often difficult for those who struggle with them to form and maintain relationships. At The Well’s Community Life Center, members find a place to belong. When you give the funds needed to run the Community Life Center, you provide members with a supportive environment where they can connect with others, enjoy a meal together, be encouraged by devotions and learn new skills.

$3,000: Pay for the biannual spiritual retreat for members.

Many Well Community members don’t have the resources to take a vacation or even to leave Oak Cliff. Twice a year, The Well takes members on a spiritual retreat, a time for them to get away and cultivate their spiritual health as part of their overall mental health. When you give so that members can participate in this retreat, you enable them to get away from the city, spend time in nature and grow in their faith.

Through bonuses and prizes provided by the Communities Foundation of Texas, your gift for North Texas Giving Day may result in additional support for The Well Community. Will you help us continue to serve those in the Dallas area who live with serious mental illnesses?

Give now.

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