Finishing Strong: Making a Difference Together, All Year Long

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If you missed it in the mail, the Well’s Year-End Campaign Letter (Finishing Strong: Making a Difference Together, All Year Long) is available here on our website (be patient, as it is a large PDF file and may take a minute or two to open).  Please take a look and learn more about the difference the Well Community and its supporters made together in 2014.  The letter includes informative articles on the following…

1. A Life “Well” Lived

Will Cobb Remembered: His life, legacy and the loss experienced by those who knew him best.  Learn how Will’s life and death were a testimony to the fact that individuals with severe mental illness can and do lead lives of significance and value.   The article details Will’s belief that hope and healing (through the power of faith & community) are possible for everyone who struggles with mental illness.

2. Year-End Gratitude

Reflections from our Executive Director, Alice Zaccarello, on a successful year and her first 10 months on the job, including insights on gratitude, lessons learned from Community Members and a call for your continued support.

3. Compassion in Action

A look back at the Well’s hard work in 2014 and examples of your donations at work – money “well” spent!

Read on… Finishing Strong, Making a Difference Together All Year Long

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