Pecans for Sale!

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Christmas is almost here and many of you, in the coming days, will purchase pecans for holiday cooking.  Whether you are planning on making a pecan pie or looking for a gift for the cook in your family, why visit the grocery store when you can purchase pecans from the Well and help bless a worthy ministry.

This Fall, Community Members from the Well were invited to collect pecans at Jackie Koch’s property (and their neighbor’s) in Midlothian.  We then cracked, shelled and processed the pecans, creating bags of pecan halves & pecan pieces.

Pecans are on sale now. One pound bags of pecan halves are $10 and half pound bags of pecan pieces are $5 (donations are accepted).  Pecans can be purchased now through December 29th.  Call (214) 393-5878 for specific pick up times and location.

Once again, many thanks to Jackie and Larry Koch for their generous invitation and for allowing us to collect their pecans.  The opportunity created productive work for our community members and hopefully a little extra year-end income!

 Merry Christmas from your Friends at the Well Community!

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Community Members collect pecans at Larry and Jackie Koch’s House back in November.


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  1. Josh-

    Put aside 2 ten pound bags for me. I will try to pick up on Friday when I see you.


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