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Each year generous supporters like you join us for the exciting annual North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 18th, from 6 a.m. to midnight. Your generous support makes a meaningful difference to the Community Members of the Well. As you know, the Well Community is changing lives every day by caring for those in need.

On Thursday, September 18th, North Texas Giving Day, your financial contributions will help us receive extra funds for our work to bring hope and healing to those with severe mental illness. Every gift of $25 or more will go further as a result of bonus funds and prizes from the $1.5 million dollars contributed by the Communities Foundation along with other funders. By visiting, the online giving website for North Texas Giving Day, you can make a difference with your gift to the Well.

Here’s the really exciting part: Every gift made on September 18th helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day ranging from $500 to $10,000! With over 60 total prizes being awarded throughout the day, our chances to maximize your gift are great! Just imagine if we could hire additional staff or build a woman’s boarding home or triple the amount we serve!

Last year, thanks to all of our supporters, the Well was one of the leaders in its class for number of individual donors and the total amount raised. Moreover donations received through last year’s North Texas Giving Day were instrumental in us meeting our financial goals. Last year we raised over $53,000. Help us make this year’s “Giving Day” as successful as last year’s.

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* If you would like assistance in making your online donation, feel free to call Josh (214.393.5878 x601) or Alice (214.393.5878 x604) or come to Cliff Temple Baptist Church (125 Sunset Ave., Dallas, Texas 75208) between the hours of 9AM – 5PM and a staff member of the Well would be happy to walk you through the process.

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