Benefit Concert – Big Success!

aaaimage-2> Thanks again for your attendance and participation at the concert last night.  More than a “Sixpence” was raised and we’re a little “Richer” as a result.  The evening was a big success and we raised nearly $30,000 for the programs of the Well Community.  We hope the benefit concert at the Kessler Theater becomes an annual event each year and we seek to build on what took place two weeks ago.  Once again, we want to thank Edwin Cabinass and the Kessler Theater for hosting us last night, as well as our fundraiser planning team (Pat Packard, Karen Berry, Rob Collins, and Patsy Fuller).  We would also like to thank our Platinum level sponsors (Avalon Alzheimer’s Care and Best Parking) and our Gold Level sponsors (Shanks Architecture, Four Corner’s Brewery, and Chicken Scratch).  Big thanks to the band, “Sixpence None the Richer” as well.
> Thanks to all who purchased a raffle ticket last night.  If you didn’t win an actual item, you still won.  You invested in the Well Community and therefore, you invested in the work of God’s Kingdom – helping us continue to love and care for those with severe mental illness.    However, a few of you actually won some pretty nice items and the Well raised over $2,000.  The winners of the Raffle Items are as follows.
> 9. Member Art – Lynn Mann  8. Eno’s Gift Certificate – Kenton Self  7. Union Bear – Jodi Price  6. Oddfellow’s – Dan Hopkins  5. Salon on Bishop – Steve Vincent  4. Mansion on Turtle Creek – Tom Womack  3. Lady Primrose – David Dunnigan.  2. Rangers Package – Dale McCombs.  1. I-Pad – Carol Crowe
> Congratulations!  If you are a winner.  We will be contacting you today about the delivery of your raffle item.

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