We’re Gearing Up for North Texas Giving Day (Sept. 19th)


Want to maximize your giving! Thanks to the Communities Foundation of Texas, on September 19th, from 7 AM until midnight, every gift of $25 or more will be multiplied. On that day, donations should be made by going to DonorBridgeTX.org. Please visit the website ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the process. The Well Community has a profile on the website that is easy to find.

In previous years, we have had donors who forgot to donate on the actual day and called us to ask if there was any way they could still make a donation. Of course we said yes, but not through Donor Bridge, as a part of the North Texas Giving Day. The day is the day. Please don’t let this happen to you this year. Save the date and mark your calendar.

The Well’s donors are as diverse as are its community members. Many of you have contributed large amounts over the years and for that we are extremely grateful. However, the small checks we receive in the mail each week are equally important and continue to be what sustains us on a consistent basis. Donor Bridge is for donors, large and small. A donation of $25 or more has the potential to grow in value. To learn how, visit http://www.donorbridgeTX.org. Don’t forget about us on September 19th. Not that you should count on it, but I’m sure we’ll remind you!

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