Rick Warren Wants to Take on Mental Illness Stigma

Mental Illness & the Church

NEWSFLASH – Rick Warren seeks to rally the church in combating the Stigma surrounding mental illness!  Good news for individuals who suffer from mental illness and for the Well Community as it seeks continued support in its efforts to love and serve those who struggle.   Click on the link below to read the full story from ABC News.

Rick Warren Wants to Take on Mental Illness Stigma

PHOTO: Pastor Rick Warren Makes First Appearance Since Son's Suicide

Rick Warren Gives his first sermon since son’s suicide.  Read more…


Mental Illness & the Church is a regularly reoccurring segment on the Well’s website.  We hope to encourage greater discussion regarding the appropriate role of the church in ministering to and loving those who struggle with severe mental illness.  If you have thoughts on this issue in written form or you have read an article or discovered a blog on the issue, please email info@wellcommunity.org.  We would be happy to consider posting your content on this page.







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